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About us

Welcome to SMODDO!

We believe fashion is more than a trend; it is an innate belief that style is an extension of oneself. This passion has driven us to create a business that exudes a timeless elegance that is the perfect destination to discover the style of our founder and social media content creator Kristina Nettles by hosting a vast collection of trendy and stylish jewelry she loves, making our website the ideal shopping haven that mirrors her classy taste.Subsequently, SMODDO hasblossomed into an impressive eCommerce store, reaching customers with a line of products that we hope spark joy in each person who uses them. At SMODDO, we search the world to uncover stunning jewelry that are fashionable and affordable. Once selected, we test and exhibit those garnering global attention and buzz to ensure they meet our discerning
standards. To keep the prices affordable, we bypass the middle men and warehouses using direct drop shipping methods while working with well-known factories worldwide.

We pride ourselves on being true to our personal style and core values and only endorse products we genuinely believe in and love. By staying authentic, we have built a loyal following who trust our recommendations. Our founder has enthusiastically collaborated with over 30 major brands that share our vision, and their support has powered our success.At the heart of our company lies a deep-seated passion for fashion and a keen eye for what truly sets trends apart from fads. We recognize that this differentiates us from the rest of the fashion industry, and we will continue to protect our hard-earned reputation for bringing classy and affordable jewelry to help enhance our customers lives.